International Bodyboard Stars Visit The Bodyboard-Depot

The UK’s only bodyboard specialist shop was host to two icons of the sport today. Nick Mesritz and Dan Sivess from New Zealand are recognised as the worlds leading bodyboard designers and shapers and visited The Bodyboard-Depot, Headland road, Newquay to discuss the future of bodyboard design with shop owner Rob Barber.

The bodyboard shapers loved Newquay and commented “Much like the scene back home in New Zealand, I can see that the conditions aren’t always perfect here in Cornwall but you have a really passionate following of bodyboarders who are riding waves all year round” commented Sivess. Dan and Nick are now based in Indonesia where they operate one of the biggest bodyboard factories that produces not just their product lines of NMD and VS bodyboards but also Science, Pride and Hubboards among others. As well as the 2015 range of boards, Mesritz and Sivess had some new top secret technology that they wanted to run by shop owner Rob Barber. The new board technology – which is to remain top secret until the patents are completed within the next couple of months – will see a revolution in bodyboarding that could completely change the way that bodyboarders choose their equipment.

Rob Barber commented “It was great to be recognised by two international industry figures as Nick and Dan and to get the chance to discuss new product break throughs and feedback to them regarding the wants and needs of the UK and northern European bodyboarding market. We’re looking forward to working with Nick and Dan to continue to support their products through The Bodyboard-Depot, both instore and online.

The Bodyboard-Depot offers a huge range of bodyboarding equipment, bodyboarding lessons and international bodyboard holidays, if you want to get in the water this summer, pay them a visit. For more information check out


Nick Mesritz and Dan Sivess outside The Bodyboard-Depot


Nick Mesritz, Rob Barber, Rob Muscutt, Dan Sivess, Warwick Murphy and Rachel Ponsford outside The Bodyboard-Depot


The Crew enjoy a drink outside The Bodyboard-Depot