Ten Top Travel Tips From The Bodyboard Travel Guide


The philosopher St Augustine once said “the world is a book, and those who don’t travel are only reading one page.” Considering he wrote that about 1600 years ago, when trekking 30 miles to the next town was a major undertaking, you, as a bodyboarder in the 21st century, have no excuse to get out of your comfort zone and shred the world’s best bodyboarding waves. That’s why the ThreeSixty team have published The Bodyboard Travel Guide, the world’s first dedicated Bodyboarding travel book, profiling 100 slabs, wedges, beaches and shorebreaks, along with tons of useful information, including dozens of tips from top pros.

Here are just 10 of the hundreds of tips…

• Planning your trip If you are going in a group, talk about what you want to achieve on the trip, be it certain spots, specific islands or particular cultural highlights. Do your research and see what else might interest you as a group nearby in case it goes flat… while insane swell consistency is championed by all the surf camp websites, you can’t rule out mother nature just not playing ball during your stay.

 • Photography Photographers call the hour or so after dawn and before dusk the ‘golden hours’. This is the best light for outdoor shots with golden glows and surreal sky colours. By about midday until late afternoon the sun is just too harsh to get pleasing results. Avoid cloudy days too, no point in taking shots when it’s gloomy.

• Airports “Always keep your stuff close and pay attention to it. I once saw someone put their personal belongings through the X-ray machine but got held up with the body scanner. When they got through to the person in front must have picked it all up and got on their flight with the bullion.”
– Ben Player


• Airlines When checking in at the airport, keep your board bag as far away from the counter as possible and refer to it as a ‘boogieboard’. Most airlines will try to charge you per board and if you don’t convince them there is only one board in the bag they will sting you.

• Boat trips Be prepared physically. Of all the types of surf trip that you can do, you are likely to be surfing more than ever before on a boat trip. If all goes well you should be mooring up next to a break each day and diving in for a wave when suits. There will be very little time out of the water, so you need your body to be ready for it.

• Fitness “Be aware of the surf potential at your destination and prepare your body and skills for the conditions. For example, Hawaii and Mexico demand the most fitness of anywhere, so to feel more confident, be sure to actively surf and train for at least 2-3 weeks before you arrive” — Ryan Hardy 

• Cold water trips The length of time that you spend in freezing temperatures is limited, so make sure that you time your surf session to get the best from the conditions, you don’t want to be sitting around for ages in freezing conditions waiting for the main bulk of the swell to hit.

• Hawaii “For a bodyboarder travelling to Hawaii, the first and foremost thing that you should do is cultivate a mindset of respect for the waves and for the local people. You get different types of waves all year round in Hawaii, but the waves in the winter on the north shore, especially at Pipeline, are a very unique surfing environment that every bodyboarder should probably experience.” – Mike Stewart

• Brazil “Brazil for me is all about having FUN.. the people are friendly, the food is cheap, ladies are amazing and the waves are a lot better than what you think. Wedgy beachbreaks in every corner and slabbing reef breaks off every headland. If you want a holiday where all you do is surf all day, eat cheap food and hook up with girls who in your own country won’t even look at you, then this is the place! If you’re a single man you owe yourself a trip to Brazil…NOW!” – Matt Lackey

 • Australia “South Straddie is Australia’s answer to Mexican Pipe. A-frames all over the place due to the outside bombie that breaks the swell up as it comes to shore. Heard a few guys call it the best beachbreak in Australia.” – Dallas Singer